Digital Image Processing

Removal of Coarse Reflection

Removal of Coarse Reflection  Badrinath G. S. et al sec.3.3

Testing image(s):

  • Illumination1.bmp
  • Illumination2.bmp
  • Illumination3.bmp

Function Signature:

New = RemoveCoarseReflection(Old, BlockSize)


  1. Old: Original image
  2. BlockSize: Size of the square block to calculate its mean


  1. Image is divided into square sub-blocks, each of sizeBlockSize×BlockSize.
  2. Mean for each sub-block is calculated to estimate the reflection of the image. It’s places into new smaller buffer (its size = number of vertical blocks×number of hor. Blocks)
  3. Estimated coarse reflection is calculated by expanding the smaller buffer to the original image size again usingbi-cubic interpolation.
  4. Uniform brightness image is obtained by subtracting estimated coarse reflection from the original image.
  5. Postprocessing: Normalization

Palmprint based Verification System Robust to Occlusion using Low-order Zernike Moments of Sub-images


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