Production Ready Jenkins 2.0 in Two Steps with Docker


This blog post will show you how to run production-ready Jenkins with 2 steps.  We have been using this for over six months with great success!  Just a note, you can only run this on a machine that has Docker installed on it.

We are going to use the official image from Jenkins located here. The following scripts can also be found in this Github repository: https://github.com/sekka1/jenkins-docker

First, we will create the init upstart script so that when the system boots, reboots, or if the container fails, it will restart this process just like any other server processes you run.

Step 1 – Write the start configuration file

Using your favorite text editor, open this file as a root user and edit /etc/init/jenkins.conf to add this content:

This code accomplishes several things:

  1. Starts this service when the system boots and shuts it down when the system goes down
  2. Logs the starting…

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