Regular Index vs. Partitions (The Best Of Both Worlds)

Richard Foote's Oracle Blog

When asking for requests and suggestions on what I could cover in the blog, Brian Tkatch asked “When is a partition better than just a regular index ?”

As it’s a very good question, I thought I might spend a few moments attempting to provide some kind of meaningful answer.

The first point I would make however, is that indexes and partitions are not at all mutually exclusive. A table of course could very well benefit from being both partitioned and indexed. Most partitioned tables have indexes and indeed indexes can in turn be partitioned.

The second point I would make is that there are two key advantages or reasons why it might be beneficial to partition a segment. They are:

  1. Better Manageability
  2. Better Performance

This post can be viewed as being but an introduction to the potential performance benefits of partitioned segments. I will leave the topic of better manageability for another time.

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