Annika Grosse – An Inspirational Executive speaks about her Career Path and Work-Life Balance at IBM

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Inspirational Executives Series – IBM Europe

Annika Grosse – An Inspirational Executive: Executive Partner & Watson Consulting Leader Europe – Global Business Services. Hamburg, Germany.

Annika Grosse - PhotoBiography.

Annika is Executive Partner & Watson Consulting Leader for Global Business Services in Europe.

Annika’s career trajectory has been genuinely inspiring. In 1997 she joined IBM as IT Strategy & Management Consultant, in 2011 she became Executive Partner and in 2014 Annika became European Watson Leader.

This interview discusses how Annika’s career has grown over the past nineteen years, how she manages her work-life balance, and what advise she would give to others aspiring to an executive career at IBM.


Can you describe your current role at IBM please?

As a Watson Consulting Leader in Europe, I focus on building up the consulting business around Watson technologies in Europe across all sectors and countries.  This includes selling, developing industry specific value propositions…

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