Critical elements for becoming a successful inventor

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“The role of IBM Master Inventor is both an honor and an important responsibility reserved for leading inventors in our company whose talents, insights and contributions are not only exemplary, but critical for IBM’s continued leadership and growth in Intellectual Property.”

— Bluepedia

 Critical elements for becoming a successful inventor

By Brent Hodges

Growing up I helped my dad build some kits, which for their time, were relatively sophisticated audio components.  I’ve always had a fascination for how things work.  More recently I’ve begun to wonder why things work the way they do.

My first invention

In 2007, to demonstrate the value of adopting software development practices, I created an Early Defect Removal Model.  Several people who saw it encouraged me to patent the idea.  While the thought was intriguing, the process was overwhelming.  But I decided to take it on.  It took me months…

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