Manage Time in Ubuntu Through Command Line

Code Ghar

What if you would like to manage your computer’s time in Ubuntu? It’s easy if you are in a graphical desktop environment. But what if you are on the command line? For example, in Ubuntu Server? Well, it is easy as well. A very helpful, everything-in-one-place resource is Ubuntu Time.

View Time

To view the current date and time, the following command will be enough


Set Time

To change time means to set a new time. To set time in Ubuntu (or any Linux), just run the following command

sudo date newdatetimestring

where newdatetimestring has to follow the format nnddhhmmyyyy.ss which is described below

  • nn is a two digit month, between 01 to 12
  • dd is a two digit day, between 01 and 31, with the regular rules for days according to month and year applying
  • hh is two digit hour, using the 24-hour period so it is…

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