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A Collection Of Interesting Topics in Angular 2

The following blogs, tutorials, and articles have helped me learning Angular 2.0 . The cover a range of advanced topics and dig deeper into the internals of Angular 2.0 . I hope you enjoy them too.

Angular 2 Server Rendering

Isomorphic JavaScript: The Future of Web Apps – Airbnb Engineering

Angular 2 Rendering Architecture – Google Docs

Algorithm Visualizer

MathieuNls/Angular-2-Design-Patterns-and-Best-Practices: Packt Book – Angular 2 Design Patterns and Best Practices

Angular 2 – Design Patterns – GitBook

Implementing the Mediator Design Pattern in Angular 2 – Yakov Fain’s Blog

Angular 2 with Design Patterns by Barış Güler

Angular 2 Dependency Injection: A powerful design pattern | PACKT Books