Python is (not) better than C++

Sam Dutton’s blog

Python is great.

I love it: numbers of arbitrary precision, dictionary keys of any type, easy file reading, stuff like random.sample(xrange(1000), 10)…


But…   Python is being sold for the wrong reasons.

In particular, Python is (of all the languages in all the towns…) compared to C: the archetypal boring, old fashioned and difficult language.  I have a hunch that most of this comes from Python evangelists who endured a grim semester of C but never went on to use C — or rather C++ — in real life.

In reality, different languages are not as different as some people make out.

With Python, you don’t have to worry about memory

Well — sort of. Except that you *do* have to worry about memory, as with any language. Objects take memory. Worry about it.

The difficulties of memory handling in C/C++ are over-rated:
1. Noone uses malloc() and free any more, unless they’re making…

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