Spreadsheet Generator Utility Tool

This tool was designed to interface a row entry in a spreadsheet program like Excel or else. The requirement was to simplify the process of generating a price list for an exhibition. The end-user had to enter many rows in a tabular format including images. The user then had to go through the hassle of re-sizing and aligning the images within the rows.

The tool simplifies the process by allowing a form entries to be converted into a table row on exporting the whole meta files from CSV to XLS. Hence, the end-user only worries about the data entry and the tool does the alignment and re-sizing automatically.

The tool was written in Java to work to operate cross platforms and Apache POI Project was used to handle XLS files.

You may review the code in here : https://thecortex@bitbucket.org/thecortex/spreadsheet-generator-utility-tool.git

And preview some screen-shots in here : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7geqKXMStSrZW53cTJlcFJtOFk/edit?usp=sharing

This tool was written unofficially to help a friend, so there may be a great room for improvements.