My Blog Posts

A collection of blog posts written, edited, and authored by Qamar-ud-Din.

LawToday Magazine Technical Reviews [ See Original Publications]

  • Q1 2017 Technical Review: Towards a Smart Workspace with IoT [ Link ]
  • Q2 2017 Technical Review: Artificial Intelligence Enabled Dropshipping in MENA [ Link ]
  • Q3 2017 Technical Review: Artificial Intelligence, Smart Cities & Intelligent Water in MENA[ Link ]

Data Structures & Algorithms

  • Sultan’s Successors [Link]
  • Backtracking Revisited [Link]
  • Mind Map For Algorithm Design Paradigms [Link]

Pattern Recognition

  • A Single Feature Bayesian Classifier [Link]
  • A Multi Independent Feature Bayesian Classifier [Link]
  • A Multi Dependent Feature Bayesian Classifier With Discriminant Function using GNU Octave [Link]
  • A Probabilistic Neural Network Classifier For The Iris Dataset Using GNU Octave [Link]
  • Maximum Likelihood Estimation (MLE) VS K Nearest Neighbors Search (KNN) [Link]

Source Control

  • Git – How To Remove A Large File From A Repository? [Link]
  • Git – How To Recover Uncommitted Changes After A Git Reset Hard? [Link]
  • Git – How To Resolve Conflicts In Git By Enforcing The Local Or Remote Changes? [Link]

Web Development

  • Modular JavaScript in Yii2 With RequireJS [Link]
  • A Crash Course In JavaScript With ES6 – Module I [Link]
  • A Deep Dive Into JavaScript 2015 (ES6) – Module II [Link]
  • Why Should One Use OneSignal Instead of Sending Notifications Directly Through GCM Or APNS? [Link]

Quantum Computing

  • Useful Resources For Quantum Computing [Link]

Computer Vision

  • Highboost Filter Using GNU Octave [Link]
  • How To Become An Expert In Computer Vision? [Link]
  • An Introduction To Face Hallucination [Link]
  • An Implementation Of Face Hallucination Using Sparse Local Pixel Structures [Link]
  • Face Hallucination: The Story From The Beginning To Sparse Modeling [Link]
  • A Collection Of Video Lectures For Sparse Respresentation [Link]
  • Convolutional Sparse Coding For Face Hallucination [Link]
  • Sparse Representation Based Approaches To Face Hallucination [Link]
  • Promising Future Directions And Tasks For Face Hallucination [Link]
  • Build OpenCV 3.4.3 including OpenCV_Contrib for Android with NDKr17c and Compatible with Eclipse ADT using Ubuntu 18.04 [Link]

Life Style

  • Breaking The Habit [Link]

Continuous Integration (CI)

  • How To Deploy Alfresco Using Docker In 3 Minutes? [Link]
  • Ubuntu Login Screen Loop [Link]

Research & Development

  • Inevitable Tools To Empower Researchers [Link]
  • Elsevier Africa Workshop: Author Seminar [Link]

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