Do Telecom Networks Dreams of Siamese Memories?

The Lone Nut

In this post I will try to make understandable a Deep Neural Network I developed lately. We are still in early stages and a lot of improvements will need to get in, but the preliminary results are positive. I have been told I am not so great at explaining things high level, so a word of warning, some part may go deep technical! So, let start with the buzz words: what I will describe is a One-Shot Learning approach using a Siamese Deep Neural Network which characterize ongoing data traffic patterns in a telecom network to identify faults in real-time.

Telecom network nodes (think piece of equipment) often suffer from recurring faults. There are things which are done by human operator, or traffic pattern exhibited by the users, or situations in adjacent nodes which can impact the performance of a specific node. Once degradation is identified, an analyst goes through…

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